Would Trump Abandon The Wall To Work With Democrats On DACA?

On Tuesday, an article titled, “REPORT: Trump Prepares To Abandon Wall In Favor Of Legalizing DREAMers” from Ben Shapiro of The Daily Wire begins,

“On Tuesday, the Trump administration signaled that its willingness to legislatively reinstate President Obama’s executive amnesty was deeply serious. In fact, the administration is so serious about reinstating the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program that President Trump won’t even insist on Democrats giving him funding for his proposed border wall in exchange for DACA’s revivification.”

I don’t think so Ben! I do love ya and love a lot of the work you do, but my President is not going to abandon the wall!!

Let’s dig a little deeper, shall we? Before we all freak out, we know that “Build the Wall!!” was a major campaign promise of Trumps’ MAGA campaign. At every rally, it was chanted “Build the Wall!! Build the Wall!!” Along with “Lock Her Up!! Lock Her Up!!” Will some one please LOCK HER UP??!! Oh sorry, off subject..  Back to the wall. Before we are all triggered like some little snowflake on election night, let’s examine reason’s Trump is not going to abandon the wall.

1. Trump’s willingness to work with Democrats to accomplish things for America does not mean he has abandoned his campaign promises. Trump has placed House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) over the debt ceiling and the budget. This is a major signal to the spineless scaredy cat Republicans that they need to s**t or get off the pot, so to speak. Trump is not a politician, he is a business man and that is why most people voted for him. We are tired of politicians that do everything for themselves. Trump will make deals, and bring Congress together to accomplish MAGA. Trump will not be pushed around by Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi nor will he bend to their agenda. Just wait and watch.

2. Trump said last week he was ending an Obama-era program that protects from the deportation of immigrants brought illegally into the United States as children, but he gave U.S. lawmakers six months to act on the issue. Trump putting this responsibility on Congress is not him wavering on his belief the program needs to end, it is how he is pressuring Congress to be productive. This is the way the business world works and the government could use a good lesson on productivity!

3. Just because Trump is not pushing border wall legislation into DACA legislation does not mean he is not committed to building the wall.  According to Reuters, White House legislative director Marc Short, speaking to reporters at a Christian Science Monitor breakfast stated;

“While Trump remains committed to his campaign promise to build the wall along the U.S. border with Mexico, “whether or not that is specifically part of a DACA package or a different legislative package, I am not going to prejudge here today,” Short said. “I don’t want to bind ourselves into a construct that makes reaching a conclusion on DACA impossible,” Short said.”

4. Still not convinced? This should help you feel better! In a report out of Tucson KVOA News, it tells of a waiver that was published in the federal register on Tuesday that is part of the steps to build the wall.

“The Department of Homeland Security has issued a waiver to waive certain laws, regulations and other legal requirements to ensure the expeditious construction of barriers in the vicinity of the international border near Calexico, California. The Department is implementing President Trump’s Executive Order 13767, Border Security and Immigration Enforcement Improvements, and continues to take steps to immediately plan, design and construct a physical wall along the southern border, using appropriate materials and technology to most effectively achieve complete operational control of the southern border.”

Trump is a builder. In order to build things, you have to get permits and work with the codes of the areas you are building in. This is proof that Trump is pushing all the little things that must be accomplished in order to break ground on the border wall.

5. Hopefully, Ben Shapiro’s article is just a message to the Trump administration that not building the wall would be catastrophic and would cost him his most loyal base. On the contrary I don’t agree with Shapiro when he said, “Perhaps that’s because it’s becoming more and more clear that allegiance to Trump has little to do with his policy prescriptions, and more to do with his general anti-establishment attitude. The problem is that without any guiding principles, that attitude will lead Trump and his followers wherever Trump sees fit to go. And right now, Trump sees fit to swivel dramatically to the Left.”

Trump is not swinging dramatically to the left, Trump is working across the aisle to accomplish his MAGA efforts. We don’t care about establishment Republicans, and neither does Trump! One more thing Ben, Trump followers don’t swing with Trump’s attitude, Trump’s followers are hard core American, we DO NOT swivel!! And neither will Trump!!