Has Radical Islam infected the NFL?

On Sunday afternoon, reports circulated that Colin Kaepernick, the instigator of the NFL national anthem protests, vowed to stand for the anthem in exchange for an NFL job. However, there was a big twist that followed. 

Kaepernick’s girlfriend, Nessa Diab, proclaimed that the report was false: “The reports that Colin will stand for the anthem are completely false! He has never discussed this with anyone”, she said. It has been widely speculated that Diab, who is Muslim, was the person that influenced Kaepernick to initiate his anthem protests last season. There has been much speculation that Kaepernick has come under the political influence of his avowedly liberal girlfriend, and even Iowa Congressman Steve King has openly suggested this theory. King also claimed that Diab is “sympathetic to ISIS”.

It is confirmed the two will have an Islamic wedding, and there is also much speculation that Protestant-raised Kaepernick has converted to Islam. Many sports insiders are adamant that Diab, who supports the National of Islam, is actually the one who pushed him to begin the National Anthem protest. Whether or not there is any credence to these allegations, it is a fact that his public activism did not begin until after he and Diab began dating in 2015.

Diab is a 36-year old American-born Muslim who has stated that she follows “authentic Islam.” She wears short skirts, no hijab, and lots of make up; but her seeming Americanization is weak cover for her Islamic Supremacist and un-American viewpoints. Muslim extremists have been known to go to great lengths to blend in and deceive people before attack, a practice known as “Taqiyya”. http://www.thereligionofpeace.com/pages/quran/taqiyya.aspx

Diab supports the ideologies of Malcolm X and believes the former communist dictator Fidel Castro was a better leader than American ones. She recently called Baltimore Ravens owner Steve Biscotti a “slave master,” and thinks that minorities who like America are suffering from “Stockholm syndrome.” Perhaps the most telling quote about her state of mind comes from a 2014 Guy Code podcast, where she said,

“When 9/11 happened, it didn’t surprise me at all. Wow. Mmkay. This is what we went through [while visiting Saudi Arabia as a child], probably, every couple months.’”

Despite being in the public eye for over a decade, just like most other Muslim activists, her Wikipedia page is extremely bare. The only personal information on the page states that she is an American-born Muslim and her parents are of Egyptian origin. She traveled between the United States and the Middle East for her father’s American corporate job, and claims that because of his job, she was directly placed in a war zone.

“Here is the thing, I was a young girl fearing for my life-I wore gas masks to school,” Nessa said of being present during the Gulf War. “I heard war sirens constantly and I knew at this point I had to break out of this lifestyle.” You can make your own judgment on the veracity of that claim.

After the American-born citizen was plucked out of safety and placed directly into the eye of danger as a child, she persevered and made it to the University of Southern California, where she majored in mass communications. It was this return to America for college that sparked the beginning of her activism, after she claimed to be a victim of Islamophobia.

Between Kaepernick’s anti-American protest and his Muslim fiancés activism, it was only a matter of time before sharia siren Linda Sarsour latched on.

Sarsour has long been a supporter of Kaepernick’s actions, and refently she spoke at the Justice League NYC and Color of Change rally after no team picked him up for the 2017-18 NFL season. The “I-don’t-understand-what-personal-accountability-is” left believes the NFL not signing Kaepernick (who opted out of his 49ers contract on his own volition this past March) is because of white supremacy. The rally’s organizers called for a boycott of both the NFL and its main sponsor, Verizon Wireless, if Kaepernick is not given a spot in the NFL by the start of the season.

During the rally, Sarsour called for people to rise up against “right-wing Zionists,” and went on to state that “we want you to know that we will not be silenced by ‘blue lives matter,’ by white supremacists, by neo-Nazis, by right-wing Zionists.” She wasn’t finished with her hate-filled anti-Jewish sentiment; she also stated: “People are not like us. The powers that be do not care about morality, or integrity, or dignity, or respect of our communities. They only speak one language, and the language is money,”

After Sarsour’s call for jihad at the Islamic Society of North America dinner earlier this summer, she finally stated something that I agree with: most Americans do not understand what the term means. If more Americans understood the term, they would realize that the host for one of America’s favorite shows, Teen Mom, was using her star power to bring Islamic Supremacy to the United States. Non-Muslims often mistakenly believe that jihad equates to a violent tragedy on the September 11 scale. This is not correct. The truth is that every Muslim has a personal jihad, many of them non-violent, but they all lead to the common goal of Islamic supremacy.

One person’s jihad may be to travel to infidel lands and dress, talk and act like the host country, (which they would NOT be allowed to do in an Islamic country), all the while making the host country feel like Islam isn’t a threat, and secretly laying the groundwork for a later Muslim takeover. Kaepernick’s girlfriend is clearly a master of this form of deception. There is no other explanation for someone who lived in Saudi Arabia and does not speak out about that country’s human rights atrocities but devotes her life to fighting so-called injustices in America. Period.

Kaepernick’s refusal to respect the Star Spangled Banner is not an exercise of his free speech to protest racial injustices; it’s a calculated aim at further division within the United States in order to usher in new forms of society and government. Whether or not Kaepernick himself has converted to Islam, he is certainly being closely influenced by a self-described “authentic” Muslim. We all must look at the historical proof that once Muslims are no longer the minority, they swiftly take control. The words that Winston Churchill allegedly spoke certainly withstand the sands of time, “Muslims are in the minority, they are very concerned with civil rights. When Muslims are in the majority, there are no civil rights.”

The anthem protests have hurt the NFL in a big way, with TV ratings down 20%, and attendance down as well. NFL executives have revealed they hate Colin Kaepernick and believe he is a traitor, a reports suggests. Officials from seven team front offices across the league have said they do not want anything to do with the quarterback after his national anthem protests.