Nancy Pelosi Gets A Taste Of Her Own Medicine!!

Just days after the California Senate has passed a bill to become a Sanctuary state, House Minority Leader (D) Nancy Pelosi get’s shouted down by DREAMers at a press conference. DREAMers calling themselves “undocumented and unafraid”, chanted for 20 minutes, “you have the audacity to tell us you have been fighting deportation.”

Pelosi shot back “Yes, I am.” That’s when the group started chanting, “Your a liar!!” Finally, Nancy Pelosi walked out saying, “Since you don’t want to listen we will have to just go.”

So if DREAMers are “undocumented and unafraid” and unhappy with California elected officials like Nancy Pelosi, how will it work out for California as they become a sanctuary state?? My guess is that the “undocumented and unafraid” will become the “uncontrollable.”

Here’s a little video from Food For Thought, enjoy..