Mysterious, unexplained explosions around the world

Was it a meteor? A supersonic aircraft? Some kind of ground explosion? Is this actually the end of the world?

Those are the questions experts around the world are asking themselves for the past month as mysterious, loud BOOMS have been heard and felt around the world- shaking buildings and people from Alabama to Denmark to Russia

Last Tuesday afternoon, an Alabama was heard and felt through 11 counties, but an earthquake has been ruled out by experts.

The day after Alabama was shook by that incident, a similar boom occurred in Idaho. No explanation has been provided by experts there, either. Last Saturday, a similar case was reported in Michigan, according to various local reports, but still without any explanation.

WXYZ Detroit said the reports came in from the towns of Wyandotte, Ecorse, and Lincoln Park. However, Wyandotte Police said the loud boom did not originate in their city. Ecorse Police also said their officers heard and felt at their station, but they were not able to pinpoint the source of the sound, saying it did not happen in Ecorse.

On October 25th, Southern New Jersey residents called 9-1-1 centers after experiencing a loud boom, as did residents of the Philadelphia area. An earthquake was ruled out. Some speculated that a sonic boom from military aircraft flying out of the Naval Air Station near the Patuxent River in eastern Maryland was the cause of the disturbance, but a public affairs officer from the base said there were no aircraft flying in the area that morning. Scientists are speculating about a possible inversion, which happens when a layer of warmer air sits over a layer of cooler air, magnifying the sound of an aircraft miles away.

However, that same day, all the way across the world, residents in Sydney, Australia’s inner west and outer southern suburbs were awakened to extremely loud explosion sounds, leaving some fearing for their lives. Note; Australia is experiencing their warm, summer season right now.

According to news reports, savage bomb-like booms echoed across the city and as far as 30 miles to the south. Powerful cracking sounds shook homes and buildings and were joined by bursts of blinding white light, likened to the flash of a speed camera. The sounds have been attributed to a lightning storm. But some aren’t buying it, since there was no lightning seen.

Similar reports in the last week were reported in Russia, Denmark, Florida, Louisiana and Texas.

On Nov. 8, there were reports in Tennessee.

On Nov. 4, in Bend, Oregon.

On Nov. 3, in Minnesota.

On Nov. 2, in San Diego.

So, what’s going on? Conspiracy theorists are jumping in with chatter about an alien invasion. Others are talking about secret military experiments. Numerous websites are cropping up to chronicle the events and exchange information, but no one is coming up with official explanations for most of the events.

The experts are as baffled as the residents experiencing the disconcerting sounds and earthquake-like shocks that accompany them.