Liberals Mock The Death Of Eric Bolling’s Son

Liberals are now attacking some one in the most cruel heartless way, right after the death of their child. Fox News contributor and co-host of The Five was fired on Friday for allegedly sending lewd text messages to his co-workers along with photos of his genitals. The next day, Saturday Eric Bolling and his wife suffered every parents worst nightmare, they lost their 19 year old son, Eric Chase Bolling who was in school at the University of Colorado in Boulder, Colorado. Initial reports have ruled the teens death a suicide, but the Bolling’s have said their son’s death is still unknown and being investigated.

Vile nasty liberals actually attacked Eric Bolling as he gave updates on the death of his only son. The so called “party of love” who hates racism and judgement, who feel so much that all people should be accepted. While liberals feel that even murderers and drug dealers who cross our country’s borders illegally should be allowed to stay, they curse conservatives when they are down. Some liberals have now sunk to such a disgusting new low level as to tweet such cruel words as “Your son deserved death.”

I’m a mother. Upon reading these horrendous words and tweets from these people makes me absolutely want to come unglued. What kind of horrible people can possibly say such unspeakable things to some one during the most heart wrenching time in their life??? Ok, so if Eric Bolling is guilty of the sexual harassment as he is being accused, he got fired and no doubt his marriage is suffering or may end. He is paying the price. Through all of those things he and his wife are dealing with, no one deserves to lose their child!! NO ONE!!!

When Anthony Weiner was sending his “weiner” pics to teenage girls while he lay on his bed next to his and Huma’s very young child, where was the outcry from these judgmental liberals who deem themselves worthy to declare some ones else’s child deserves to die because of their actions? At that time no one from the right spoke any negative word about Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner’s child, on the contrary many of us felt concerned for the  environment he is being raised in.

At that time liberals didn’t speak a word, they maintained their hypocrisy. The behavior and words spoken from the left has no moral ground, there is no line that they feel is too far. There was no woman’s march, crying out against this disgusting behavior by a man. Hillary didn’t raise up a female army to rescue Huma from the perverted behavior of her husband. No these liberal women stand by and let husbands like Bill Clinton and Anthony Weiner continue to rage their lust to any woman they choose. Then they turn and stand accusing night and day towards Donald Trump. Their hypocrisy has no limit.

People hide behind their social media accounts behind a screen and speak the most hurtful words and then turn around and judge conservatives for every thing they do or say. We’ve had enough! We do have a line that we won’t allow you to cross!! Leave our children alone!!

May God bring peace and healing to Eric Bolling and his wife Adrienne Bolling during this most difficult trial of their lives.