Las Vegas Shooter Stephen Paddock’s Brother Arrested For Child Pornography!!

Bruce Paddock, one of the brothers of Las Vegas Massacre Stephen Paddock has been arrested early Wednesday for possession of child pornography. Bruce Paddock, 59 years old, was arrested in North Hollywood, California and is being held on $60,000 bail. Bruce Paddock is not the brother who spoke out after Stephen Paddock was identified as the Las Vegas shooter.  Eric Paddock is the Paddock brother that spoke to the media after the largest mass shooting in American history.

The arrest made today was at an assisted living center in North Hollywood. According to reports, the investigation started months before the Las Vegas shooting, after receiving a tip that Paddock had child pornography on his computer. Police said that Paddock was squatting in the facility and was evicted, which led officers to finding the material.

Bruce Paddock is not considered a suspect in the Las Vegas shooting which happened less than a month ago on October 1st. It hasn’t been even one month since 58 people were killed and around 500 people were shot or injured in the Las Vegas massacre. There has been no motive releases by the Las Vegas Police Department or the FBI. There has been very little information released and details have been changed several times.

The American public deserves to know what happened in Las Vegas and why 58 innocent Americans lost their lives and 500 others were shot or injured. Why have we not been told? Why are there so many reports of multiple shooters by the eye witnesses that were there being shot at? Why did ISIS claim responsibility and the FBI so quickly denounce it? Why was there a woman in the crowd telling people they were going to die? Why did the security guard, Jesus Campos change his story, cancel press conferences and an interview with Sean Hannity only to talk to Ellen Degeneres, and were is he now? Why does the largest mass shooting in American history only have a two week shelf life in the news?

Why are they able to arrest Bruce Paddock, Stephen Paddock’s brother, for possession of child pornography and not be able to tell the American public what happen in Las Vegas???

So many questions and we all know things aren’t right! But at least one POS has been arrested who preys on children for sex.