Jane and Bernie SCAMders

“I’m the poorest senator, in the senate,” says Bernie Sander.

Lil Trump stops in to visit Bernie SCAM-ders to see how the socialist democratic senator is doing with his wife jane Sanders. This was the leaked information we found.


Lil trump: Hey! Bernie SCAMDERS. I mean Sanders. I see you’re a pretty hardcore socialist ? I really admire how you stick to your socialist principles. NOT !

Bernie Scamders : I’m the poorest guy in the senate and I’m here to fight for the poor. there are too many rich people in America.

Lil Trump: totally agree with you! there are too many people with 3 houses and making tons of money from the poor by selling them bullshit about how, the guy with the 3 houses, cars, and 7 figure earnings is messing up their lives.

Bernie Scamders: Damn it! Lil Trump you’re twisting my words, My wife was the one who bought those houses.

Lil Trump: The gigs up old man, insane jane and crazy bernie are done for.

Bernie SCAMders: you leave my wife out of this

Lil Trump: tell that to the FBI ,when they investigate Jane Sanders. see YA later SCAM-ders. HaHAhA ! SOCIALISM SUCKS

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