How Bernie Sanders Tricked Millennials in the Name of Socialism

How Bernie Sanders tricked millennials to fight for socialism

Once upon a time in a faraway land (Vermont) a hideous creature was created called Bernie Sanders but was later nicknamed   “Nice little old man SCAMDERS) Bernie Scamders knew how to appeal to the millennial generation. a group of young Americans that cared about shared responsibility, justice, and the community. Even those they were the laziest bunch in the land.

For this Reason, Bernie Scamders choose this group, because they were young and naïve and did I say lazy.

After spending time with the American millennials Scamders, decided to throw a big party in their honor and while they were enjoying themselves drinking and dancing he spiked their drink with a special concoction he called “democratic socialism.” After which they drank and enjoyed all through the night. What they didn’t know was that they were poised with his “Democratic socialism “potion. Though the poison was not deadly, its effect would cause Bernie Scamder to have control over them without them knowing.

So what exactly did that mean for Bernie Scamders and the millennials?

Old man Scamders was able to mix a powerful potion that would hypnotize America’s young population.

The ingredients in the “Democratic Socialism” potion are the following:

Democracy, the best means of shifting the power from the American government and giving it back to its citizens.

Democracy allows Americans to make their own choices

Democracy gives Americans Free markets and capital. So they have the ability to own personal property and exchange work for money.

Combined with

Socialism is a system where the government owns and controls all production and distribution of goods.

A socialist wants to eliminate private property, the economy, and prices which gives full control to its government.

Socialism imposes on your will and way of thinking.

And those are the 2 main ingredients in this potion that Bernie and the left wing thugs came up with to gain control over the American government in the name of equality.

If we look at history and Socialism, it never ends well; Socialism has killed millions of innocent people.

Bernie and the left wing thugs are a clever bunch.  Combining democracy and socialism together, to get American millennials to unite, so they can work towards a common goal. But Millennials don’t realize that renaming Socialism won’t change what socialism is. If Millennials don’t realize that little old Bernie is tricking them to hand over free market, private property, and freedom of choice they are in for a surprise.

All that little old Bernie and his GOONS want is full government control.

Lil Trump warned them that “BIG GOVERNMENT IS NEVER THE SOLUTION”   but they would not listen to him. they were too busy drinking “Democratic socialism “ and dancing to the entertainment of the FAKE NEWS MONSTER A woman that spreads vile rumors but her talents to dance and sing were too hypnotizing so they did not hear what lil Trump was saying.

Lil Trump kept saying to them “socialism sucks, it simply doesn’t work. Americans cannot have a healthy economy that is constantly controlled. In the end, socialism equals misery”. Still, they didn’t listen and keep on dancing and drinking.

Lil Trump will fight for all Americans and will keep warning  millennials  to wake up and see that socialism is not the answer to the problems that America faces and to stop drinking that vile poison called  “democratic socialism.” Educate yourself, work hard follow your dreams whatever they may be, be the best you can and take responsibility for your life and for Christ sake move out your mom and dad’s place

To be continued…..


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