Day of Truth for the NFL

The NFL national anthem protests have continued throughout this season, with Roger Goodell and the NFL not taking a true stance against disrespect for the flag. Attendance has plummeted, and TV Ratings have taken a nosedive, to the point where Thursday Night Football may be canceled for next season, and Monday Night Football is not a big priority for failing ESPN.

Millions of fans have banded together and decided that Sunday’s are no longer for football. Groups have decided that, in honor of Veterans Day, this Sunday November 12th would be a day to boycott the NFL entirely. It should be interesting to see how badly the NFL suffers this weekend.

John Stevens Jr. wrote a rallying cry we Truth Seekers can all get behind. His song, “I’ll Find Better Things To Do” captures the general feelings of American Patriots. Sunday used to be for football, but now it will be a day for something else. God bless America!