America Wins again! Huge NFL News!

The division in the US has been apparent for quite some time, and came to a head last November during the Presidential election. The fallout has continued and spilled into sports and entertainment for the last ten months. Colin Kaepernick, former 49ers Quarterback, fanned the flames of division by kneeling for the national anthem and protesting the flag because he claimed to be demonstrating against “police brutality”  and injustice felt by African Americans in the US. President Trump injected himself into the debate by saying the owners should “fire the sons of bitches that kneel”. With NFL revenues plummeting due to a boycott on their products and low TV ratings, it seems the voice of the people has been heard.

Just today, it was reported that Colin Kaepernick has agreed to stand for the national anthem, providing an NFL team signs him. He will be ending his protest against America and the flag. Just as the American people spoke on Election Day, their voice has been heard again. Be proud, my fellow Americans! We won again.