Maltese Professor with Clinton ties dead?

LATE News dump on Friday…

Looking to me like ANOTHER case of “Arkenside” by the Clinton clean up crew… check this out, another “Death” by Clinton Proximity!!!

Mysterious Prof Who Peddled Clinton Dirt to Papadopoulos May Be DEAD, DNC Lawyers Say…..

…in a court filing Friday the Maltese professor who told Papadopoulos that Russia had “dirt” on Hillary may be dead. Joseph Mifsud, 57, vanished late last year after his name surfaced in the “Russia investigation.”

Mifsud surfaced briefly at a conference in D.C., in February 2017, and at the time told the FBI that:

A) he never said anything to Papadopoulos about Clinton’s emails

B) that he didn’t even know about the emails

C) that he wasn’t a Russian operative.

The professor previously denied being a Russian asset, saying: “Secret agent! I never got a penny from the Russians. My conscience is clean.”

Federal indictments allege Mifsud offered to use his “substantial connections with Russian government officials” to supply information about Democratic candidate Clinton to the Trump team.

In 2007, the academic left his job at the University of Malta after being accused of fiddling £34,320 worth of expenses.

Last week, George Papadopoulos, 31, who Mifsud allegedly made the offer to supply dirt on Clinton, was jailed for 14 days for lying to the FBI during its probe into election meddling.

According to an indictment handed up this summer, Russian spies had stolen emails from Clinton’s campaign by April 2016.

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